John came to Building Blocks from the age of 8 months old staff started to have concerns about his vision, the staff worked with John's mum to build a picture of how John was struggling.  This led to a visit to the eye hospital where he was diagnosed with nystagmus, eye condition.  All the staff worked hard to support him and his mum through a very difficult period and were able to work with the family to help them through such as difficult time.

At the age of two and a half, John was then diagnosed with another condition, verbal dyspraxia which meant John was not only having to deal with his eye sight difficulties but having difficulty with his speech.  Building Blocks was able to provide John with one to one support, this really helped John develop his social skills as he was finding it difficult to move around and communicate with other children.  This had began to affect his confidence and hinder his development as a young child.

“This was such a difficult time for us and John and Building Blocks was there every step of the way making sure John was okay and helping him so much with his confidence and making sure he was having the opportunity to socalise with his friends, which had become difficult for him.  They helped him and us, always there to listen when things became tuff for us as a family

John's Mam 

John is now 10 years old and still attends Building Blocks but now goes to our after school club with his friends.  He is doing really well no longer needing one to one support. His speech development is amazing and he's living really well with his eye sight condition.  John loves playing cricket, football and is preparing from comprehensive school.  We love seeing at Building Blocks how well he’s doing, its such a pleasure to be part of John's journey.

“Seeing how far he has come makes us all so proud

Staff at Building Blocks

Please note names have been changed to protect identities

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