Cherelle work at Building Blocks Family Centre
My name is Cherelle and I am a mental health and wellbeing officer here at Resolven Building Blocks. I am working on a 12 month pilot funded by community foundation in Wales and the national lottery fund. This funding was secured to tackle the need for low level mental health and wellbeing support for families who have a child with disability and mental health concerns. 
My role is to support, guide and advise parents on how to promote good mental health for themselves and their children. I work collaboratively with families to look at their overall wellbeing and work with them to tailor support to meet their needs. This may include signposting or advising on local services, 1 on 1 mental health support for children or workshops designed to educate and empower parents to deal with various mental health concerns. 
I have studied counselling and psychotherapy for almost 5 years and am also a practising counsellor. I'm passionate about tackling the stigma of mental health and empowering and educating children and their families on how to lead happier, mentally healthier living.
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