Pottery throwing @ BBFC with Barry Akins the potter from St Fagans

A fun filled Parent & child activity

Using air drying clay so you can take your finished pots home

The pottery throwing session was really successful! We had a lot of positive feedback from the students. In total we had twenty adults(mums dads and grandparents) and 20 children attend the workshop.

Absolutely wonderful! Lovely to gain a new skill and something that I have always wanted to try

Barry helped each parent and child create pots that were boxed and ready to take home at the end of their session. Each parent and child that attended were allocated 30 minutes on the pottery wheel and made at least two pots each to take home.

Thoroughly enjoyed the session and was shocked at the finished product. I would love to do more pottery in the future

Barry explained that when delivering pottery sessions the children only usually get 5-10 minutes on the wheel so today was very exciting as the children and parents really got to learn and experience pottery throwing.

We offered some of our children with additional needs and their support workers time on the wheel this was due to having a few cancellations. The staff found the session appealing due to its sensory nature and said that the children really enjoyed the whole experience.

It was a pleasure working in building blocks, the staff and people were very helpful and friendly, I would love to return and do another session

Barry, tutor