Can you help us?

As a charity we rely on your kind donations to help us to continue delivering support to our families. Without your support these services would not be possible!

With your help we can make a difference to our children's futures, find out more about how your money helps here......................

Did you know?

£10 per month will support a child with a speech, language and communication problem to participate in our talk2gether programme, which help children find their voice and reduce frustration and gain friendships

£3 a day will help us to offer a disabled child or young person the opportunity to access one to one support with one specially trained worker who helps them improve their independence, gain new friendships and feel included

£5 a day will help us to work a family who is in need, living in poverty and wants to improve their life for them and their children.  It helps to provide the support they need to get out of the situation they have ended up sometimes because of circumstances out of their control.


You will be supporting children.......

We had the opportunity to work with Scott, who had very challenging behaviour due to his multiple disabilities, this meant he had become very isolated and lost all his friends.  Scott found it difficult coming to us and to make any new friends.  Our workers worked closely with Scott and his family to help him control his anger and frustrations, make new friends and help other children to understand the challenges he faced every day! Slowly we were able to build his confidence and self-belief by investing time with Scott, his behaviour improved and he finally made friends which changed his world completely!

“Being able to be a part of the journey with our families is a privilege and to be able to help and make that small difference means a lot to us here at RBB”