Michael is taking the plunge for us and going to jump 10,000ft to earth from a plane with his planned sky dive.  Michael is fundraising for us in order we can support so many families and children in our local area!  Please give as Michael efforts in fundraising for us will help us to support children like Darren!

Darren is 11 years old happy young person, who finds it difficult to fit in, mainly because Darren lives with Autism. His mum, Sandra shares Darren’s story with us……

Firstly I would like to thank Building Blocks so much for supporting my son, Darren, in the Play Together sessions. The impact this service has had on our family has been really positive. This is the first time Darren has been left in a play scheme without us parents

There are very little services available to Darren as his disability requires staff who are fully trained to support him. 

“Your care, understanding and knowledge has made us as parents feel secure. We know your staff understand his needs, he loves the sensory room and is starting to use imaginative play”

Darren has always found it hard to make friends and Play2gether has given Darren that opportunity.

“He has made a friend, he loves the computers and the varying play is helping him develop social and listening skills”


There has been an impact on the family too, Sandra explains further……

“In the time he attends the sessions it has allowed us as parents some precious quality time together. I am a volunteer in a parent / carer group for children with additional needs and this service is desperately needed. Our hope is this essential scheme continues to enable other families to benefit as much as ours has”.


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