My name is Gemma and I am one of the assistant family development officers within the Families Together 2 project. My main role is to help parents and families reach their goals by giving advice and guidance where needed. I am also one of the facilitators of the ‘parenting program’ and ‘My Happy Mind’.

The Parenting Programme

This is a 10 week course aimed at providing parents/carers with a range of tools, helping them to deal with the everyday challenges. This course definitely helps parents and carers feel more confident. Our classes offer a safe space to chat and exchange experiences. We also love a cuppa and a biscuit!

My Happy Mind

My happy mind is a mindfulness class tailored for children. I cover various aspects such as how to deal with worries, resilience and gratitude. Our sessions have proven to be a success with the children they enjoy the mindful tent and all the mindful activities.

I love working as part of the RBB family. I enjoy the variety of work that goes on within the centre and how we all help each other to provide the best services possible.

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