We know how important the decision is to place your child into childcare and how worried you can be about how your child will settle. We offer you and your child a free 5 hour taster session which is one of the ways to re-assure you and help settle your child at the centre.  Getting to know the staff and making sure you are happy with your child's care is important and all staff are happy to answer any questions along with the Childcare Managers who are only too happy to have a chat.

Your child will benefit from a range of opportunities at the centre which includes socialisation, meeting new friends, playing and learning.  We have a range of activities that go on at childcare which will be included in our planning and routines.  We believe that children learn best through play, which is at the heart of all our activities.  Children will be encouraged to participate in a variety of activities that will promote all areas of child development.

We are firm believers in children's rights and we ensure that children have a voice at the setting and that we listen to them.  We have secured our National Children and Young People's Participation Standards in 2011 and continue to ensure that we work towards the principles of participation.