Term time contracts for families needing childcare for children aged 0 - 3 years.  Do you need childcare in the term time only, then if do please contact us as we are now offering a term time contract only for childcare aged 0 -3 years.  This means there will be no charge in the holiday times just while your child uses childcare in the term time.

We are open from 8am until 6pm and also offer other childcare services such as wraparound after school nursery, after school club with a collection service and holiday club provision.

Our prices start from as little as £4.30 per hour*

*Please note we do not offer an hourly childcare rate and this amount is for illustration purposes only.  We only offer sessional sessions e.g. 8am until 1pm.

**This offer applies to new customers only.


Do you need childcare for children aged 3 - 4 years attending nursery @ Ynysfach Primary School, well we have a new offer for you:

Pick up from Ynysfach at 11.15am

11.15am - 1.00pm £8.00

11.15am - 2.30pm £12.00

11.15am - 3.30pm £16.00

** This offer applies to new children only

Contact us to find out more.....

TEL: 01639710076

Email[email protected]