Resolven Youth Forum consists of seven young people who live in the community of Resolven based in the Neath Valley. The group established themselves over 4 years ago because they wanted to make a difference in their community.

On Saturday 21st March 2015, Resolven Youth Forum supported by Resolven Building Blocks collected a High Sheriff of West Glamorgan Award for recognition of their great and valuable services to the community. They were nominated by Community Councillor David Richards on behalf of Resolven Community Council as Mr Richards wanted the young people to obtain some recognition for the voluntary work they have achieved across the village. The Forum has been running for two years.

It was amazing that they won as we were informed that the competition with nominations was high this year, so for the members of the Youth Forum to receive this award was truly brilliant.

The Youth Forum continued to deliver by securing £250.00 from Neath Port Talbot Youth Fund to deliver First Aid training for young people to help them feel more confident in volunteering. The course was held during October half term 2015 and 12 young people gained skills to support them in their volunteering roles.

The Youth Forum became involved in providing their views and opinions on the ABMU Children's Rights Charter that the ABMU Trust is implementing and became part of the consultation process to provide their views and opinions on what matters to young people in knowing their rights.

They are currently developing a Children's Rights Charter for Resolven Building Blocks to implement.

The Youth Forum also attended the official opening of Resolven Skate Park in October 2015 and were delighted to see their dream come to fruition. Their involvement and hard work in the early stages of consultation of the project had ultimately lead to skate park project being taken on by the community council. The skate park is a well used facility by children and young people in Resolven and other local communities.

The young people are committed to making a difference in their local community and should be commended for all their hard work. There is a possibility that we have a group of young people that are going to be our voice of the future and develop into active citizens of the future, perhaps future community councillors, local authority councillors or community members who want to continue to make a difference to the lives of the people living in their village. They are a group of young people that are inspirational and prove that young people can have a voice and can make a difference.